Cagney & Lacey But Mostly Cagney







Sunglasses: Loft

Scarf: Marley Lilly (The scarf is actually monogrammed but it was too cold to show you)

Jacket: BB Dakota

Leggings: Old Navy (the absolute BEST leggings and yoga pants at an affordable price)

Boots: An Amazon purchase from one of those nights when you can’t sleep and suddenly you absolutely must have brown boots

 I like to think of this outfit as the type of look that could be worn on a 80’s television crime show, a look I’m going for approximately once a week. Of course it’s never winter on those shows so the winter jacket would have to be changed to a classic trench but other than that, spot on.

Work is always really busy for me this time of year and I apologize for not being able to post more, but I am still updating my Instagram account (stylenewengland) so be sure to check over there for new posts daily! I hope everyone is having a great start to the month that never seems to end, March. I’m sure you are all enjoying the wind, rain and general unpleasantness as much as I am!



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