200 days of March


Finally spring weather! It felt like March was never going to end. I know there is more rain in the forecast but I’m going to take advantage of all the beautiful ones in between!


This adorable girl is unimpressed by the beautiful ocean behind her.


A gorgeous Nantucket basket spotted at my Uncle’s new house.


We finally made it to Karoo, a South African restaurant in Eastham. The dish pictured above is called Bobotie, a South African specialty. It did not disappoint and was a fun excuse to reminisce about our fantastic trip to Cape Town last year!


Weird picture, but I made macarons last week and I had to share the results! I made lemon flavored macarons and they were AMAZING! So much work, but so worth it. I vowed while I was doing it that I would never do it again, but I’m already thinking about my next flavor.


Amazing white mocha on a rainy day.


My rain boots are the only bright spot during all these showers.


Shameless selfie but I am still loving my hair since I made the big cut a few weeks ago. It is so nice to be able to do my hair in five minutes again, it has been so long since I could do that!

Here’s to a warmer and sunnier April!


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